About Us

The idea for Fruits in Bloom was planted in our minds five years ago - unknown to one another, we have all separately explored foreign franchises for this concept but something was always amiss.

Then one lazy evening early 2011, three of us were casually talking about business ideas and boom (or should we say bloom) - Fruits in Bloom was born.

We are friends and family who share a common passion for creativity, love for the finer things in life and the drive to go beyond the ordinary.


Every Fruits in Bloom creation is the brainchild of our creative team headed by Pat Kierulf-Mauricio who collaborates with Ancherie Ohagen, a London-educated designer / restauranteur and Malinie Nimmanwathana, a Bangkok-based artist / photographer to bring you our unique collection of gourmet arrangements. Our creative team can design customized arrangements to fit your theme and motif.


Bridging your needs with team is Leah Dy.  She works with our creative and operations team to translate your ideas into a Fruits in Bloom reality.  The possibilities are endless . . . she's a just a call, a text or an e-mail away.


Ensuring that all Fruits in Bloom creation fulfill your expectations is the team of Kat, Steph and Beth. From fruit selection to bringing your Fruits in Bloom creation to the doorsteps, we strive to give you the best.